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Your kids will LOVE learning!

Hi friends. I’m Jamie White, the founder of Play to Learn and I would like to invite you to join us for the Winter semester of Virtual Preschool.

Whether your child will be learning from home this winter, needs supplemental activities, or your plans are completely up-in-the-air, we have a Virtual Preschool program that offers consistent, high-quality lessons (with NO PREP required by you!) every day.

I know parents want to provide meaningful activities for their children at home, so I designed Virtual Preschool as an interactive and engaging online learning experience.   

Students learn by using songs, games, stories, and other play based activities that match each weekly theme. We’ll explore bears, birds, holidays, polar animals, famous artists, friendship and more! 

NEW Winter semester Virtual Preschool classes start on NOV 30! 

Don’t miss this chance to provide your child some FUN this winter! 

(It’s fun for all ages, but best suited for ages 3-5.)

Each class will offer:


Also includes:

Keep the learning going after class with an enrichment “Play Pack” PDF:

  • Easy ways to play and extend the learning after the lesson
  • Printable worksheets to practice writing, literacy, math, and fine motor skills

There are a total of 50 classes!!! 

5 classes per week
for 10 weeks.

Smart, Confident & Creative Kids

When learning is interactive and fun ~

 When there are silly, sweet, magical moments ~

 When the students learn to believe in themselves ~

They discover school is an enjoyable experience!

Parent Testimonials

  • “I was worried that being isolated would cause my daughter to regress socially and academically. When my wife “discovered” Play To Learn virtual preschool during week 4 of the spring semester, I was ecstatic!”


  • “The best part for me is having a structured way for my children to learn that I don’t have to plan. I love planning learning activities for my children but I didn’t have energy and now I don’t have time, so this has been super helpful for me.”


  • “The organization and help it has provided has been so invaluable. Our daughter loves attending every day! The music, the reading time, and the lessons are all great and easy to follow along with. The play packs are also great to give us additional activities throughout the week.”
  • “We have loved virtual preschool and the structure/fun it gives us during these uncertain times at home. As a parent, it’s helped me tremendously! It’s taken a lot of the thinking out of the dreaded what to do. We watch Ms Jamie and do fun crafts, games, activities that go along with the theme of the week and what we’ve learned. It’s been amazing!”


  • “Thank you does not even begin to express our gratitude for each of you and your passion for teaching young children! We look forward to each day’s episode, we can’t wait to work on the play pack, and read through the extension activity newsletter.”


  • “Jamie, I can not thank you enough for going above and beyond the call of duty. My child and I both enjoy watching your videos and doing the play packs together. This is a very strange time for us and you have helped to bring some “normal” back. Thank you from the bottom of this momma’s heart for all you do!”
  • “Jamie, I can not thank you enough for going above and beyond the call of duty. My child and I both enjoy watching your videos and doing the play packs together. This is a very strange time for us and you have helped to bring some “normal” back. Thank you from the bottom of this momma’s heart for all you do!”


  • “My son is forming a bond with Miss Jamie and Miss Nancy as if they were his own teachers. We’ve spent a lot of time “with them” and they are as big a part of his learning journey as his Pre-K teacher was in real life. Thank you!”


  • “Thank you for allowing an option to help keep our children engaged and learning all summer long. We take the suggestions for non-screen play and read more books, meet more bugs and play more. Our 3yo is already far ahead of where her sister was at the same age, and we can directly correlate her time with Miss Jamie, Miss Nancy and Betsy Blackbird with her successes.”

Registration opens in February for Spring.

Each week will feature a thematic unit of study:

Parent Testimonials

  • “Our preschool shut down and then became optional but we didn’t send her. I had followed your page and saw the amazing free videos you were providing during that time. It gave us a sense of routine and she was still learning so we knew summer session was a must.”


  • “We stumbled upon you during the spring semester via a recommendation from a friend. My son just turned 3 this spring and we were planning to start a 2-morning preschool in the fall. Play to Learn brought us joy each day.”


  • “Having PTL was a great way to ensure my child was learning age-appropriate and interesting new material. I watch nearly all of the sessions with him (we eat our lunch together with Miss Jamie, Betsy and Miss Nancy), so it’s been helpful for me to see the lessons and activities because he often talks about them later.”
  • “My child is only 3 but when we started watching you during COVID, I was surprised how engaged he was! I knew it was worth paying for, so when you offered it for the summer, it was a no brainer for me. He enjoys it, is learning, and it gives me ideas of things we can talk about later while doing other activities.”


  • “Our preschool closed in March unexpectedly due to COVID-19 and did not provide any enrichment for my daughter, who turns 5 in August. As we look ahead to Kindergarten we knew we needed some help this Summer. We were already loving the Spring semester of preschool so decided to continue the learning! It gives us a great focus to the week, helps us have a regular schedule, and she really loves it.”
  • “Our child’s daycare closed due to Covid and all of the shut downs in California. She missed learning, and I was working from home which made it so tough for me to try to teach and work at the same time. I found your videos in the spring and they were like a breath of fresh air! She loved Betsy, and Ms. Nancy, the singing and the games, and I got 30 minutes to do some work uninterrupted! As soon as you said you would have a summer session, we enrolled! It was well worth it!”


  • “Due to the pandemic, our daughter could no longer attend preschool. When I learned that virtual preschool was available, I was so excited. It has truly been a blessing during this difficult time. Both my 5 year old and 1 year old look forward to virtual preschool everyday. It has helped us maintain some normalcy and routine. Thank you!

About Jamie White


Jamie White (known as Miss Jamie to her preschool students) is a veteran teacher with over 20 years of classroom experience.

She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Education and a Master’s Degree in Reading Education from the University of Virginia.

In addition to teaching at Play to Learn Preschool in Leesburg, Virginia, Jamie provides teaching resources, ideas, and strategies to other Early Childhood Educators. Along with her co-teacher, Gemma Kenworthy, she has spoken to preschool teachers at conferences, workshops, and events across the country.

Jamie believes that children learn best when they are engaged in rich play: pretending, building, creating, reading, singing, laughing, and getting messy. Her goal is to involve young children in Circle Time activities that increase their language development, cognitive skills, and love of school.

She knows that when children are participating, moving, laughing, and smiling, they are learning!

Virtual Preschool was featured on NBC4 Washington.

Jamie has been a featured speaker at these conferences and workshops:
  • Oregon PRO annual conference
  • Virginia Association for the Education of Young Children (VaAEYC) annual conference
  • Georgia Preschool Association annual conference
  • Staff Development for Educators “I Teach Pre-K” conferences and Las Vegas annual event
  • “Soar to Success” online summit hosted by Pre-K Pages
  • “Discover Back to School” conference hosted by Teach Preschool

Featuring Children's Music by Nancy Kopman

Teachers love Virtual Preschool too!

  • “I am a director of a preschool. We enrolled in Virtual Preschool for enrichment activities and non-masked education. Your 30 minutes allows my teachers to perform covid cleaning protocols. Your support materials allow us consistent quality that is very easy to use. Covid has made things so much more stressful and difficult in daycare. Your program has lessened the load we are now bearing. I will definitely sign up for the fall as well.”
  • “I own a private preschool and my enrollment fell. Having just a few children, I was able to be flexible this summer and chose to follow your curriculum. I was looking for inspiration and learning new ways of teaching. YOU inspire me and I am learning how to design a circle time and make it a success by watching how you do it.”
  • “We love it all. As a former teacher, I quickly recognized sound pedagogy and the soft and caring demeanor of Miss Jamie and Nancy.”

  • Thank you so much for doing this! I am a Pre-K teacher, so I know all the work and planning that goes into every lesson. It is all laid out very well, and you can tell the thought and heart that was put into it.”